This is the Year to Get a Good Golf Umbrella

April 16, 2019

This is the Year to Get a Good Golf Umbrella

There are different types of umbrellas in the market, but few are as distinctive or sought after as the golf umbrella. In 2019, the golf umbrella has become the go-to item for gifts or personal use. There are good reasons why this is the year you should purchase a golf umbrella.

What is a Golf Umbrella?

While similar in shape to standard umbrellas, the golf umbrella is considerably larger. In fact, it is large enough to shelter two or three people along with any luggage. They are popular with golfers because a single golf umbrella can shelter the golfer, the caddie, and the clubs from an unexpected downpour. The large size means there is no need to carry an extra umbrella. Plus, the bag is also protected which makes it the perfect accessory.

For comparison sake, a typical umbrella canopy ranges from 40” to 48” while a typical golf umbrella canopy measures from 54” up to 68” and more depending on the manufacturer. Over the past few years, the larger size of the golf umbrella has made its way from the fairways to the sidewalks for good reason.

Better Coverage

The larger coverage radius means that not only are you better protected from the rain, so too is your suitcase, briefcase, backpack, or whatever else you may be carrying. The better coverage area also helps in the wind when the rain is blowing in sideways, although bear in mind that the windier the conditions, the harder it will be to control the umbrella.

Fits Two to Three People

You can now protect your spouse, family member, or friend under the same umbrella. The practical aspect is that one umbrella can now serve two to three people going from one place to another in the rain. Considering that not everyone carries an umbrella, you can now protect someone while going to your car, travelling between buildings, or just want to talk to them all while under the same umbrella.

Sturdy, Durable Design

Because they are larger, golf umbrellas are made from more durable materials, so they hold together better under adverse conditions. The need to use stronger materials is inherent in the very size of the umbrella itself. Also, because the umbrella is designed to be used on the golf course where shelter may not be readily accessible, it is made to hold up longer in case the wind or rain gets worse.

There is also something quite fashionable in carrying around a larger umbrella. Particularly one with the unique style and sensibility of a golf umbrella.

Keep in mind that you do have to be more careful when carrying around a golf umbrella compared to a standard-size version. This is because the spokes tend to be larger, so you’ll want to be alert for those who come too close to your umbrella lest they get poked. Otherwise, a golf umbrella is the perfect accessory not only for its coverage area, but they are also in-style which makes them an in-demand product.