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New Arrivals - A Convenient Wholesale Umbrella Supplier is one of the most competitive wholesale umbrella supplier with unmatachable collection to offer with sheer quality. We are purely a US company based in Davie, FL. Our promise is to deliver convenience with expedite delivery turnaround anywhere in US (All states). Our online store has a huge range and collection of wholesale umbrellas that features different colors and variety of eye catching umbrella designs containing wedding umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, rain umbrellas, cute umbrellas, clear umbrellas, kids umbrellas, bubble umbrellas, sun umbrellas and many more.

Customer has always been our primary focus, we give intensive attention to the quality of service and the products we provide, meeting customer' s requirements and event deadlines.

Why Buy Wholesale Umbrellas From Umbrella Bazaar?

We are a customer centric wholesaler with totally a unique and different approach apart from any other wholesale umbrella supplier who don't offer any flexibilty to their customer on the minimum no. of units they want to buy per any style and color. Umbrella Bazaar is flexible in this case and won't make you compromise on the number of items actually required for each color and style. We proudly offer not only the low minimum purchase of 12 units, but also with an option open for the customer to get all 12 units in different colors and styles.