About Us

Umbrellabazaar.com is a company that is built on quality. We wholesale quality umbrellas and that’s why our customers keep on coming back for more. Our collection features a variety of colors and designs that are instock ready to ship.

We carry many different kinds of umbrellas for kids and adults. Our fashion collection has been very successful at weddings. Due to our vast collection, many brides and bridesmaids choose us for their wedding umbrellas source.

Our minimum is different for every style/color. Since we are a wholesale company, it’s not feasible to sell single pieces at this stage. Being wholesale, we reduce our operating costs and pass on the savings to you. We also offers Personalize umbrellas as per client's custom design or marketing need.

We are based in Davie, FL. Yes, it’s always sunny here but we also get a fair share of rain. This is why we started Umbrellabazaar.com. We think that a nice umbrella can make the rainy day a little less rainy.

We have a great team here and we welcome your business as well as your feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or send us an email at sales@umbrellabazaar.com