Umbrella Daze

March 25, 2015

Since April showers bring May flowers, it may be time to buy a new umbrella.  And even if it doesn't rain, there are plenty of ways to use your new purchase.   Today’s umbrellas come in so many bright colors and saucy styles that they pop up everywhere, from parties to bridal showers and even as home décor.  For five tips on how to multipurpose you parasol, read on:

  1. Fairy Lights - A bevy of bright umbrellas hung upside down from the ceiling create a whimsical effect for a party or shower. Turn the lights on behind them and they glow like dreamy chandeliers.

  2. Party Favors - Use for table décor. Drape with twinkle lights and surround with wedding or birthday gifts and you've got a great centerpiece.

  3. Photo Ops - Use them for props in wedding photos. The bride and groom look grand silhouetted by a heart shaped umbrella, or how about a line of bridesmaids posing with umbrellas in hand?

  4. Full of Flowers - Hang a semi folded umbrella full of flowers and tied with ribbons, on your front door.

  5. Traditional – Gather a collection of umbrellas in a holder by the front door. Look for carved handles and bright fabrics to make a fun statement.

Spring into the season with a fanciful umbrella, and save by buying wholesale. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns and styles at umbrellabazaar and get your hand on high quality umbrellas and deep discounted prices.


Spring is the natures way of saying 'Lets Party'
Robin Williams