Bridesmaids Umbrellas – a Functional & Fashionable Idea

November 02, 2015


There are plenty of things to consider when planning a wedding. In this post, we're going to talk about two matters that most planners think about – the weather and the wedding photography – and how can help out!

The first matter (the weather) is fairly obvious. If you're having an outdoor wedding, rain can be a disaster. And when you're planning a wedding months in advance, it's pretty tough to predict exactly how the weather is going to be on your big day.

This is where special bridal and wedding umbrellas can be a lifesaver! Not only are our specialty umbrellas stylish and attractive, they're functional and can mean all the difference if the clouds roll in overhead. They're even better if you're having a summer beach wedding, when the sun can be especially brutal. In these cases, your guests will appreciate a little bit of extra shade offered by our designer wedding umbrellas!

The second matter worth considering is your wedding photos. Brides are always looking for interesting shots to hang on the wall or share on social media, and there's only so much the photographer can do when it comes to wardrobe and props. By having a set of beautiful umbrellas on hand, you can be ready for all sorts of creative shots. These are especially great for bridesmaids, as the portrait photos will have a common element that ties everyone together. After the ceremony, the umbrellas make great gifts for the bridal party as well!

Think about this as well: the second point ties in with the first. If an unfortunate rainstorm shows up at your wedding, it's possible to capture some truly unique photos for your album. This is where an umbrella can actually turn bad weather into even better wedding photos than were possible in clear skies!

What sort of creative ideas can you imagine for your wedding? Take a look at our catalog and find something that inspires you!