Umbrellas and weddings

December 21, 2012


Just about every girl dreams of her perfect wedding as a child. Whether you want to be a princess or a queen, your wedding is your day to shine. However, if you want your wedding to be memorable, you may want to opt for a theme. More and more frequently, couples are opting for creative themes. In this article, we will discuss three different ways to use an umbrella as a prop in your wedding.


1.Victorian themed wedding - For couples that are into history, the Victorian era, or simply looking for a classic look, consider the Victorian style. High collars, lace, and ruffles make the bride and groom fantastically elaborate, and using umbrellas for the wedding party sets this theme off beautifully. Many women carried umbrellas during the Victorian era for comfort, when no one had air conditioning and before tans were considered popular. Consider having this wedding in a secluded garden area, and have the bridal party wear Victorian style dresses with large skirts and lace. The colors do not have to match to pull this off, which makes shopping for bridesmaid dresses much less of a tortuous experience. Instead, the common theme gives the wedding party unity, and you can order your wedding party umbrellas from a wholesaler. This works best in spring or summer, and using the umbrellas as a prop gives greater visual unity to the bridal party, while keeping bridesmaids and the bride shaded and comfortable. We carry many umbrellas with laces in our fashion collection.

2. Umbrellas make a perfect wedding souvenir - If you are planning an outdoor wedding in spring or summer, you have probably already checked out canopies or tents for your special day. However, there is a more creative and commemorative way to keep your guests shaded. Rather than breaking out the party tents, which are reminiscent of tailgating, order White Anti-glare Umbrellas from a wholesaler. If you are buying in bulk, wholesale umbrellas won’t cost much more than the cost of renting or buying a tent. Each guest will receive a white umbrella to shade him or herself during the event, and have a special keepsake to remember your special day. Visually, the idea of using an umbrella comes together much more nicely than a tent, and your guests have more freedom to move around instead of feeling clustered under a tent. Not only that, but with anti-glare reflective umbrellas, your guests will not experience the “hot-house” effect that so many tents have with trapping and drawing heat; rather, they will be able to remain cool and in the shade.

3.Do you feel the call of the ocean? Have a beach themed wedding. Again, umbrellas in this wedding can be a great alternative to tents, and you can either order wholesale white umbrellas or bright, tropical umbrellas for your guests.  You can use brightly colored umbrellas for the guests, and white reflective umbrellas to distinguish the wedding party. Umbrellas bring a new twist to the beach wedding, and help keep the event cooler, shadier, and more comfortable.


Whatever wedding theme you choose, you can acquire affordable umbrellas for your wedding party and your guests if you shop through Umbrellas are a great visual prop for your wedding, and can make excellent keepsakes for family and friends to remember your special day.