Custom Umbrellas - Brand Your Company in All Types of Weather

April 28, 2018

Of the many customized gifts that feature your company logo, one of the best is an umbrella. The umbrella is one item that few think about needing until it starts raining outside and that’s when it becomes nearly indispensable. Custom umbrellas branded with your company logo offers a functional, budget-friendly option that provides more advantages than you might think.

Why Choose Custom Umbrellas?

You may think at first that an umbrella is a poor choice for a customized gift because it’s only used on rainy days. Plus, who would see such a logo when they are trying to dodge the rain themselves? However, there are some good advantages to custom umbrellas that are emblazoned with the company logo that you should consider.

  1. Long-Life: A well-constructed umbrella will last for many years. This means that you can count on most of them being used and seen by hundreds, if not thousands of people over the umbrella’s lifetime. Also, it will be appreciated by those who use it when it rains.
  2. Promoting Your Brand: Umbrellas get attention, even when in a downpour. Your company logo will stand out when it’s on an umbrella. Especially if you combine the logo with the company colors so that people can see it from across the street or down the sidewalk.
  3. Not Intrusive: Because the logo is emblazoned on an umbrella, it is not considered intrusive advertising like you see with signs, billboards, or apparel that is worn all the time. Because umbrellas are only opened to protect from precipitation and occasionally the sun, the sight of the logo will only be seen when it is in use.

How to Market with a Custom Umbrella?

While most people associate umbrellas with rain, there are creative ways you can market your company by using customized umbrellas that are designed for specific functions which can help improve your branding efforts.

  1. Personal: The standard umbrella stands out in the rain thanks to its size. This means that one customized with your company logo will be seen which helps get your message across. Plus, when carried by an employee, it demonstrates pride in your company which also will be seen.
  2. Telescopic: The telescopic umbrella is light, easy to use, and instantly identifiable. This means that those who use the umbrella will appreciate its compact storage design. You will appreciate how it can be seen on rainy days which will help boost the visibility of your company.
  3. Golf: You see umbrellas used to shade golfers and fans from the sun. Unlike rain umbrellas, those made for golf course tend to be bright, colorful, and hard to miss. A customized golf umbrella with your company logo offers some serious advantages in being seen by other fans and on TV.

As you can see, investing in a customized umbrella that supports your company logo and colors offers many advantages. From advertising your business to building up employee morale, the benefits of having different types of customized umbrellas offers a boost to your marketing efforts.

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